Martha Evers, a BKS Iyengar certified instructor, has taught the Iyengar method of yoga in Durango area for 30 years. She has made several trips to Pune, India, studying with the Iyengar family. Martha has also taught yoga 15 years while a river guide on the Colorado in the Grand Canyon,  on the Alsek and Tashenshini rivers in Alaska and rivers around the southwest. Most recently, she had the great fortune of teaching several years in Maui at both the Maui Yoga Shala and The Muai Yoga Path where also she loved swimming with the dolphins. Her senior teachers in the U.S.include Patricia Walden, John Schumacher, George Purvis and Carrie Owerko. 

Martha’s classes are personalized and students receive individualized instruction for their specific needs that is safe, methodical and insightful.  She welcomes students of all levels teaching with enthusiasm inspired by the joy and skill that arise from the practice of yoga. Her teaching is described as caring, encouraging, compassionate and fun.




"Martha is an excellent teacher. I have always wanted to take yoga and Martha brings her knowledge and teachings to class with humor and grace. So glad I found her!"   -    Pam Stillman


"Martha Evers is a such a delightful person and an outstanding yoga teacher. I appreciate that she lives the yoga she teaches by being kind, encouraging, cheerful, and loving. Her teaching helped me gradually develop a real passion for yoga. I use or practice yoga every day and always rely on it when I need to get in balance. Martha really knows her yoga, inside and out. She explains every movement, always insisting on correct alignment and foundation, always offering alternatives and suggestions, always recognizing each student's abilities and limitations. She also incorporates a wide variety of props to enhance the experience. She strives to help her students have the best possible experience at any level, whether beginner, intermediate, or advanced. You will really enjoy her classes and workshops."   -   Patsy Felter

"I have been a sufferer of chronic back pain since 2002.  I have easily received hundreds of sessions of body work, ranging from acupuncture to massage and Rolfing.  I have been able to enjoy significantly increased mobility and re-alignment of my spine over this last six months of Yoga that I had previously been unable to achieve in years of receiving body work. But, Yoga is about much more than the Asanas; the physical and mental changes I am experiencing are helping not only with my back and leg pain, but also to provide additional support in coping with everyday stresses.  I think we are about six months into our private lessons and I am always appreciative of the effort and energy you put into your teaching. It is obvious that you take time to thoughtfully prepare each lesson for your students.  The sessions are based not only on my feedback, but on your knowledge of Yoga and how the body is able to progress over time.  Your level of training and experience teaching Yoga are obvious.  I look forward to continuing our lessons and aspire to be as good of a student as you are a teacher. Thank you."   -   Jason Kaminsky

"Thank you so so much for all the inspiring yoga sessions!  I'm really psyched to learn more! It will be nice to be done with school, to have more time to read about yoga and practice. With all my heart thank you, thank you for being such a wonderful friend and teacher. You motivate me to learn!"   -   Anne

 "I always gain knowledge (and flexibility) from your classes. Knees and hips feel good today!"   -   Sharon

"Martha's yoga classes always seem to be exactly what I needed. I always end up feeling energized, refreshed and ready for anything, even after yoga classes that I took when I hadn’t slept for a few days because of personal problems. I think it’s great that it was not just a token yoga class but with a smile, encouragement and a few laughs."    -    Dennis Lucero

"Martha is very responsible, professional and trustworthy. I have noticed her warm hearted spirit is very inviting for all levels of students".   -   Denise